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Surgery and Extractions

Sometimes it may not be possible to save a tooth and removal of the tooth (extraction) is the only option.

The majority of extractions are straightforward and can be carried out under local anaesthetic. We will discuss all the options and work out a plan to replace a missing tooth (if necessary) before the procedure.

Wisdom teeth can often emerge without any problems. Occasionally though, complications do arise as the wisdom teeth emerge causing considerable discomfort and pain. A common complication is when the wisdom teeth emerge at an angle and push against the tooth next door. This places a lot of pressure on the adjacent tooth and increases risk of decay in that tooth. Another common problem occurs when wisdom teeth stay only partially emerged from the gum. Consequently a flap of gum tissue partially covers the tooth. Bacteria easily breed within this flap making it prone to painful, recurrent infections.

It is best to remove wisdom teeth if any of these complications occur and in simple cases this can be done at the practice. However, in more complex cases we can refer you to the local oral surgeon to arrange extraction under a General Anaesthetic.

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